Ton de Wit’s goal is to educate the younger generation on the finer points of service that he has learned through the years. He is a very hands-on, practical trainer who will engage the service mind-set and increase confidence, finesse and expertise in the different service style techniques.

By building on relationships through teamwork and identifying personal responsibilities, participants learn how working together to streamline operations, both in the front and back of house, will improve the service flow and ultimately improve the guest experience.Ton’s specialty knowledge includes all classical butler duties:

    • Role of the Butler and/or Interior Yacht Professional
    • Service organization
    • Service styles including: American, French, Butler, Russian, Buffet, Silver and synchronized
    • Service sequence and the service plan
    • Table settings and table seating
    • Menu and food knowledge
    • Wine and Champagne service techniques
    • Room and tray service
    • Caviar service
    • Cigar service
    • Protocol and etiquette
    • Communication
    • Complaint handling
    • Butler training & consultancy
11 Butlers BS amc-1

11 Butlers BS amc-2

11 Butlers BS amc-3

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